The “Cleanest Little City in Texas” Plus a Whole Lot More!

In 1887 Henry B. Shiner donated land for a train depot in what is present day Shiner.  As the commerce grew up around the rail line so did Shiner (New Half Moon at the time) and in 1890 Shiner was incorporated as a town.  As the years went on and the town grew it was settled predominately by Czech and German immigrants.

Shiner began as a cotton farming and ranching community but has grown over the years to include many successful manufacturing companies such as Kaspar Wire Works, Boedeker Plastics Inc. and the company that put Shiner “on the map”, the Spoetzl Brewery.

Shiner is known as the “Cleanest Little City in Texas” but is more famously known for our beer as well as having two of the most accomplished and accredited schools in the State of Texas.

Shiner ISD (Comanches) and Shiner Catholic Schools (Cardinals) both have long standing success in academics, the arts and athletics. Our schools are the jewels of Shiner and the number one reason people long to live in Shiner.


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